Group Member

  • Pan Xin ( 潘 鑫)| Research Interest: Data Mining and Marketing Analytics |
  • Keyi Lan (兰可伊) | Research Interest: Data Mining and Marketing Analytics |

Previous Member

  • Cheng Qian(钱 诚)| Current Position: Data science in Alibaba international station | Research Interest: Customer analysis, including churn prediction, customer value segmentation and spatio-temporal behavior mining | Email:
  • Zihan Gao(高子晗)| Current Position: Big data application center of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank |
  • Yin Pan(潘银) | Current Position:PhD candidate of Zhejiang University |
  • Wenchuan Yang(杨文川) | Current Position: PhD candidate of National Defense University of science and technology | Research Interest:Graph-based recommender system |
  • Xiai Mao|Current Position:Master of Yale University|
  • GuiCai Xie(谢贵才)| Current Position : Master of School of Computer Science, Sichuan University | Research Interest: Knowledge graph,Query analysis |
  • Sizhe Yu(俞思哲)| Current Position : Master of Shanghai University of Finance and economics | Research Interest : Causal Inference,Graph and Applied Statistics |
  • Shihang Wang(王诗航)| Current Position : Columbia University | Research Interest: NLP dialogue(generation direction) |
  • Ji Hu (胡极)| Current Position: Guangdong Development Bank· department of operation management |